Our Investment Principles

Collaboration & Partnership

We strongly believe in the power of partnerships and collaboration to access greater deal flow and enable co-investment opportunities.

Patient & Impact-First Capital

We have a long-term view of our investments with a strong emphasis on financial performance as well as social and environmental impact.

Research & Analysis

We invest based on strong sector research and analysis; comprehensive due diligence; and addressing market gaps.

Scaling Impact

We support companies to grow and scale their impact by leveraging all sources of capital: financial, intellectual and social.

Portfolio Companies

Krakakoa is an award-winning chocolate company that empowers smallholder farmers to farm cocoa sustainably and fights for environmental conservation.

Diving in the Reef

ZuBlu is a sustainable travel platform for diving. With over 500 eco-friendly resorts, liveaboards and dive centers to choose from, ZuBlu brings you the very best sustainable ocean adventures and beyond.


Nazava is a social enterprise that aims to provide safe drinking water to everybody everywhere by selling the best and most affordable water filters. 

Katapult Ocean.jpg

Katapult Ocean is a technology accelerator focused on investing in startups with positive impact in the ocean.