Our Investment Principles

Collaboration and Partnerships

We strongly believe in the power of partnerships and collaboration to access greater deal flow, enable co-investment opportunities and have local presence

Patient and Impact-first Capital

We have a long term view on our investments with a strong emphasis on financial performance as well as social and environmental impact

Research and Analysis

We invest based on strong research analysis on the sector, comprehensive due diligence and addressing market gaps

Scaling Impact

We support companies to grow and scale their impact by leveraging all sources of capital: financial, intellectual and social.

Portfolio Companies


Sustainable travel platform with a focus on diving, but the vision to cover a wider range of sustainable tourism activities


Ocean technology accelerator focused on investing in startups with positive impact in the ocean


High quality chocolate manufacturer that empowers farmers to produce sustainable cocoa beans through education, training and fair procurement

Affordable water filters for everyday Indonesians thus reducing plastic waste that ultimately leaks into the ocean

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