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Our Investment Themes

Hands in the Soil

Land and Agriculture

Unsustainable agricultural practices and inefficient food systems have resulted in land degradation and food waste. Regenerative, climate-resilient agriculture and waste prevention or valorization solutions are key in transforming this sector.

Pack of Barracudas

Oceans and Coastal Zones

The oceans act as an important carbon sink to keep the climate in balance. Yet, overfishing, plastic pollution, and habitat loss are destroying the ecosystem. Circular systems and a sustainable blue economy provide opportunities to protect ocean health.

Red Ibis

Biodiversity and
Nature-based Solutions

Natural ecosystems provide valuable ecosystem services to society. However, they are being depleted and degraded in the current economic system. Nature-based solutions and nature markets enable us to mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss, while reaping co-benefits to society.

Portfolio Companies

We invest part of our company’s profits in supporting early-stage companies and work closely with our portfolio companies to grow their potential.


Krakakoa is an award-winning chocolate company that empowers smallholder farmers to farm cocoa sustainably and fights for environmental conservation.


ZuBlu is a sustainable travel platform for diving. With over 500 eco-friendly resorts, live abroads, and dive centers to choose from, ZuBlu brings you the very best sustainable ocean adventures and beyond.

3.-Nazava-Logo-di-bgr-putih-Copy (1).png

Nazava is a social enterprise that aims to provide safe drinking water to everybody everywhere by selling the best and most affordable water filters. 


Katapult Ocean is a technology accelerator focused on investing in startups with positive impact in the ocean.

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