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About Us

We are a small but well-rounded, multi-disciplinary team with backgrounds across finance, renewable energy, technology, education, international development, and environmental studies joined together by our deep affection and respect for the oceans, nature, and wildlife. We are driven by our mission, intellectually curious, constantly striving for new challenges, and extremely hard working.


Our Values


We strive to deliver high-quality work in everything we do and take pride in making sure that our clients and partners find our work valuable.


Our reputation is worth everything to us. We keep true to our words and actions and are grateful for the trust that is given to us by our clients and partners.


We approach every project with openness, with a steadfast willingness to learn and to be challenged by others. We are constantly looking to widen our horizons and address any blind spots.


We recognize everyone’s contribution and treat everyone fairly no matter their background and position in life. 


We are conscious of our limitations and the need to work as a team as well as with respected third parties to accomplish a larger impact. We are therefore always open to exploring partnerships to both grow our own capabilities and support the broader impact investment ecosystem.


We respect everyone’s voice and opinion. We respect our differences and actively seek to be a diverse team both in terms of background, culture, ethnicity, and opinions.

Meet The Team

Meet Our Advisors

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