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So, the network employees sold the apartment for 19,000,000 rubles. But the list of those wishing to buy the same apartment in this house was very large. Some buyers insisted that they be helped, if possible, to buy an apartment in the same building for 18,500,000 rubles. Our expert found out that literally a floor above the apartment we sold, an apartment for 20,000,000 rubles was advertised a year ago, but it was never sold

We managed to find the contact of the owner through the concierge. When we contacted him, he said that no one had lived in the apartment for a long time. He divided it with his ex-wife through the court (1/2 + 1/2). The man assessed the apartment as follows: he wanted to receive 10,000,000 rubles for his share, respectively, the share of his wife is also 10,000,000 rubles.

We tried to explain to him that she had the right to evaluate her share on her own. He objected, saying that if the spouse valued her share at 5,000,000 rubles, then the value of his share would not automatically equal 10,000,000 rubles.

Long and hard our lawyer explained civil law to him. Then he asked for the phone of his ex-wife. From the conversation it became clear that she agreed to receive 8,000,000 rubles for her share. She is quite satisfied with the offer of buyers. She is ready to sell the apartment if her husband does not call her.


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